Persona 3 Reload Has Sold A Million Copies And Become ATLUS’ Fastest Selling Game Ever

You love to SEES it.

ATLUS has revealed that Persona 3 Reload, the ground-up remake of the 2006/2007 PS2 classic, has sold like absolute hotcakes and already moved over a million copies in less than a week since launch.

Those numbers also make it the fastest-selling game in the developer’s history

“Persona 3 Reload sold 1,000,000 copies worldwide within its first week, becoming the fastest selling game in ATLUS history!” it wrote in a social media post.

“A huge thank you to our community for your incredible support! We look forward to breaking more records with you.”

Harry scored Persona 3 Reload a massive 9/10 in his review, saying “Persona 3 Reload is a confident remake of a truly seminal RPG that cements itself as the definitive way to play Persona 3. It’s clear that careful thought and deliberation has gone into every aspect of Reload to respect the legacy of Persona 3 while preserving its timeless charm and atmosphere. An absolute must play for any fan of the franchise, and a great point to jump in for those looking to take the plunge into Persona.”