Five New Disney Infinity ‘Pirates Adventures’ Toy Boxes Available Now

This week, Disney Interactive is releasing the winners of the Disney Infinity “Pirates Adventure” Toy Box challenge. Players were tasked with creating ARRR-mazing Toy Boxes utilizing many of the Pirates of the Caribbean items that are available. The Toy boxes are available for download now!

Winning “Pirates Adventure” submissions include:

EpicPirateCombat – Reach the “Dragon’s Den” to free the trapped Princess! Rules: no flying, gliding or hovering.

Man the Cannons! – Avast matey! Board ye ship and destroy the pirate fort. Send those 3 ships down to the locker while ye at it!

Blast and Seek – Choose your side in a two-player pirate ship battle and take a walk in the village.

TreasureHuntRace – Race round the Pirate Island Racetrack and then help Jack Sparrow find the X and get the buried treasure!

Blackbeard’s Map – Use the map to find the 10 hidden chests – all leading to the greatest treasure of all… The Fountain of Youth!

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