First Sly Cooper Movie Trailer Revealed

Finally, a video game movie I’m excited about! The article titles says it all, several screens were revealed via Facebook for the Sly Cooper movie, shortly accompanied by the first teaser trailer for the film. It’s pretty dope and you should check it out right here.

[embedvideo id=”oFNJW8AoYSs” website=”youtube”]

Personally, I absolutely love it. It looks like they are making a proper Sly Cooper movie, and that is awesome. If you haven’t watched to the end of the trailer, the movie will be hitting us in 2016.

The movie is a collaboration between Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Studios. The writer and director is Kevin Monroe, the writer behind 2007’s TMNT and the producer for upcoming Ratchet and Clank movie.  As of right now, I would say he is doing one hell of a job.


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