Final Fantasy X And X-2 HD Remaster Trailer And Screenshots released

In anticipation for the upcoming release of the Remastered versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2, Square-Enix Has released a brand new trailer and a batch of screenshots displaying the updated beauty of the game. It looks absolutely fantastic.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster will be released for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 on March 18th of this year.

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Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-1 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-2 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-3 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-4 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-5 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-6 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-7 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-8 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-9 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-10 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-11 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-12 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-13 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-14 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-15 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-16 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-17 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-18 Final-Fantasy-X-X-2-HD-Remaster-19

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