COD Ghosts: Casper The Friendly Ghost DLC Announced [April Fools]

Fans of CoD and Casper The Friendly Ghost will be excited to hear Infinity Ward’s announcement that the lovable Casper will be part of the next DLC. The multiplayer-only DLC will come with four new maps (Wendy, Hot Stuff, Famous Studios and Gullible) and will tie into the Devastation DLC with the famous Predator thrown into the mix. Casper will be fully playable and customizable (in case you wanted to add camo to his ghostly exterior), has the ability to walk through walls (officially known as noclip) and comes with a special perk called Friendly where he can hug enemies to death.

Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin has stated the following “We’re really excited to be incorporating such a well-known family character into our game. We believe that Casper the Friendly Ghost will really resonate with a younger audience. We made a dog your best friend in the original game, now it’s time to ramp things up with Casper by your side”

Very excited to see Casper out and about with a tactical knife, and the widely touted Predator vs Ghosts mode: which is a pure 1 on 1 bout between the Predator and the Friendly Ghost. Get to da choppah, indeed.

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