Alien Isolation DLC: Original Cast From Alien Returns

In one of the more exciting DLC announcements of this year Sega today announced the preorder bonuses for upcoming sci-fi game Alien: Isolation, the first of which are a pair of mission packs that reunite the cast of Ridley’s Scott’s beloved 1979 movie, Alien. The content features the voice talents of the movie’s actors, including Sigourney Weaver (Ellen RIpley), Tom Skerritt (Dallas), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), Yaphet Kotto (Parker) and in likeness Ian Holm (Ash)

Further, people in North America who preorder Alien Isolation at GameStop and in Europe at “select retailers” will receive an expansion called “Last Survivor.” This content takes place as Ripley attempts to escape on the Narcissus spaceship. “On hearing the screams of Lambert and Parker, players must navigate their way back down through the Nostromo in order to activate the self-destruct sequence, before retracing their steps back to the Narcissus shuttle and their escape,” Sega says.

So let’s see: Sega working on DLC content months before the official release, and they’re locking a mission behind select retailers? Sounds fishy for anyone? Am I just paranoid? Please folks, as enticing as this may be (and holy hell is this enticing), don’t ever pre0rder. As I like to say: Remember Colonial Marines.