Cliffy B Thinks Epic Is Threatened By Radical Heights

An often outspoken and notorious figure of the video games industry, Cliff Bleszinski has taken to Twitter to air his grievances against his former employer as he believes they’re attempting to hire his team out from under him.

Bleszinksi, the founder of Boss Key Productions, just put out Radical Heights, an extremely early access take on the battle royale genre. It’s got a small following so far, but it’s a promising enough start for the developer which suffered a substantial disappointment with Lawbreakers, which couldn’t quite manage to maintain a player base.

This genre, of course, is currently well under control by Bleszinksi’s once employer, Epic Games, as Fortnite continues to go from strength to strength. Bleszinksi has alleged in a series of tweets that Epic has been attempting to poach his employees out from under him and seems to insinuate that it’s because they’re threatened.

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It might be harmless banter as the artist formerly known as Cliffy B tries to drum up support and exposure for his twist on the battle royale formula, but it’s certainly a fascinating situation that has boiled over on social media.

Radical Heights is currently available on Steam in early access and adopts the free-to-play model, though there’s a paid founder’s pack for those looking to support Bleszinksi and his team.