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Billie Eilish Is Coming To Fortnite


Fortnite has announced the latest real-world artist to be added to the game alongside Season 3 of Fortnite Festival, and it’s none other than Billie Eilish. Billie herself broke the news with a tweet that simply reads, “Fortnite Festival Main Stage: 4.23.24,” implying that we’ll see her arrive in the very near future.

The official Fortnite Festival account has been teasing out the updates as well, showing off a brand-new stage for the mode as well as a tracklist. Billie’s arrival will also, naturally, bring with it new songs for players to jam out to, including All The Good Girls Go To Hell, Happier Than Ever, Therefore I Am and Oxytocin.

Interestingly, this new development seemingly corroborates a leak that surfaced from 4chan last week, that was otherwise fairly unconvincing. The “leak” showed a roadmap that also included the likes of Metallica and Snoop Dogg for Fortnite Festival as well as LEGO Star Wars for Fortnite LEGO. It’s hard to say if whoever created the image had gleaned some last-minute insight into Billie’s arrival and crafted a convincing fake around it, or if the supposed leak is actually legitimate, but if I had to hazard a guess I’d say it’s more likely the former.

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Fortnite Festival Season 3 should be dropping pretty soon, but for now there are other new updates to be found across Fortnite’s various modes. The game has just introduced the option to not see “confrontational” emotes in-game under a new Social Privacy setting, which includes the Laugh It Up, Take the L, Whipcrack and Make It Plantain emote.

LEGO Fortnite’s newest update has also arrived, dubbed the Farm Friends Update, and allows players to recruit animals to move into their villages, build animal houses, give them treats, and collect new resources like feathers, milk, wool, mushrooms and of course – fertiliser.