Atari VCS

Atari’s New Console Called Atari VCS Is Releasing Later This Year

The PS5 and Xbox Series X aren’t the only new consoles releasing this year. Three years after being announced, Atari has announced that the Atari VCS will launch this holiday.

The Atari ACS will house an AMD Ryzen processor that is capable of 4K HDR video streaming as well as WiFi and Bluetooth. The console will be able to launch into two different platforms. Atari World will provide over 100 home and arcade classics whilst Atari PC Sandbox Mode will essentially turn your console into a PC (that can run Windows among other operating systems) to enjoy PC gaming on your big screen.

Atari is bringing back their classic Joystick as well as brand new modern controller that looks like it belongs in 2020.

Atari Controller

In terms of launch titles (that are new), you’ll be able to get Missile Command: Recharged which actually launched on other platforms last year, but this will have Classic joystick compatibility.

An Australian release hasn’t been confirmed, but in the USA, it’ll be $389 ($560 AUD) with each bundle containing the console as well as a joystick and modern controller. It comes in three colours: Onyx, Black Walnut and Carbon Gold.