Project 007

More Details About The Hitman Dev’s James Bond Game Have Been Revealed

Recently IO Interactive, the developer behind Hitman announced that they were working on a James Bond game currently titled Project 007.

In an interview with DR, Studio Head, Hakan Abrak revealed some more information about the game. Whilst it’s still in development, Abrak confirmed that the game won’t be based on any of the prior films that have released over the last 50+ years and it will be a brand new story that they’re creating from scratch.

Further to this, Abrak said that they will be creating their own Bond and won’t lean on an existing Bond actor. He also said that he could easily see the game becoming a trilogy.

We have been allowed to make our own digital Bond, which will not lean on a Bond actor. We are also making a completely original story, and you could easily imagine that a trilogy could come out of it” said Abrak. 

In an interesting tidbit of information, Abrak also revealed how the deal came to be, with IO Interactive working on a Bond pitch for two years, before presenting it to 007 producer, Barbara Broccoli last year. Broccoli was reportedly previously unhappy with Bond games as they focused on “violence for the sake of violence”.

Obviously Project 007 is still early in development, but it’s clear that a lot of groundwork would have been done with the Hitman trilogy, so it’ll be interesting to see more of the game.