Fall Guys

Epic Games Has Purchased Fall Guys Creator Tonic Games And Now A Fall Guys Aussie Tradie Skin Needs To Happen

Epic Games has announced that it’s bolstering its stable with Tonic Games Group, the developer behind one of the most successful games of 2020 in Fall Guys.

Despite the acquisition, the game will remain on Steam for the foreseeable future, with a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One launch coming in the near future. The blog post mentioned that there’s a number of features that they’d love to bring over from Rocket League and Fortnite such as cross-play and account systems.

Mediatonic said that they had nothing to say in regards to the game going free-to-play, but I’d bet that this will be the model going forward, following in the footsteps of Epic Games’ most successful franchises, Fortnite and Rocket League.

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Fortnite has partnered with almost every major IP across the world with everything from Marvel to Star Wars featuring. Just yesterday, it got announced that an Aussie tradie skin would be coming to the game (probably the biggest get so far). 

It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out, but from a development cost point of view and being able to build on a game, there’s probably no better place to be than Epic Games.