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Dragon Age: Absolution Has A New Trailer And A Release Date

Right after Dragon Age Day!

Netflix’s adult animated series, Dragon Age: Absolution, is set to premiere on December 9, 2022.

That’s the just-announced release date, which dropped alongside an exciting new two-minute trailer that gives us our best look yet at a lot of the characters and narrative beats we’ll see in the series. Check it out below:

The trailer’s description on official channels also alludes to something more happening around “Dragon Age Day”, which is December 4th:

With great power at stake, a group of mages, fighters, and thieves goes head to head against a sinister force possessing a dangerous artifact.

This animated fantasy series is created by Mairghread Scott, writer of “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War”. Set in the world of BioWare’s award-winning video game franchise, and built in close collaboration with BioWare’s creative team – including head writers, and lead creative directors.

Fear. Guilt. Pain. Can Miriam push aside her feelings to complete her mission – or will the trauma looming over her past finally catch up with her? Nothing is absolute.

PS: if you’ve read this far, see you on Dragon Age Day. Or maybe sooner.