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The Simpsons Hit & Run Soundtrack Is Now On Spotify And Apple Music

The greatest hits (and runs)

While the world still waits and cries out for a remake or sequel, the soundtrack to the beloved 6th gen GTA-like, Simpsons Hit & Run, has just made its way to select streaming services.

The 54-track album runs for just on two-and-a-half hours, packed with music from the game including compilations of individual characters’ musical cues. You can listen to it on both Apple Music and Spotify, which is below:

It comes as quite a few Simpsons music releases have made their way into streaming platforms, most of which, like Hit & Run, have been completely unavailable for years.

The Simpsons Hit & Run released in 2003 for the PS2, GameCube, Xbox and PC. Despite fans’ wishes, a remake or re-release is unlikely to happen due mostly to licensing struggles – although the soundtrack making its way back into the world is an encouraging sign, as is this fan remake from 2021 that proved how easy it could be to modernise the existing game from a visual perspective at minimum.