The Very First LEGO Zelda Set Could Be Released This Year

The LEGO of Zelda.

Update 22/01/24: It’s been almost a year since we last heard anything about a supposed debut The Legend of Zelda LEGO set based on the Great Deku Tree, but speculation has come back into the forefront thanks to new claims from “brickmerge” and “1414falconfan” on social media which have both proven reliable sources of LEGO leaks in the past.

According to these new claims, the Great Deku Tree LEGO set is slated to launch in September 2024 with a total piece count of 2,500 pieces. That’s a few hundred shy of the $400 LEGO The Mighty Bowser set, so if accurate we can probably expect a similar price point as well. Earlier leaks suggested that the set would come with Link and Zelda minifigures and potentially a special display stand for the tree.

Original Story 21/02/23: Earlier in the month, a series of LEGO leaks begun to emerge via an internal survey conducted in order to gauge pricing for some of its proposed future sets.

Among the reported leaks was a Nintendo fan’s dream – an official The Legend of Zelda LEGO set. The set depicted the Great Deku Tree in two possible forms, with builders being able to put together either an Ocarina of Time or Breath of the Wild-style Deku Tree. It would also feature an Ocarina of Time Link minifigure as well as Breath of the Wild Link and Zelda minifigures.

As reported by Promo Bricks, the set was proposed as costing between $200 USD and $325 USD in the survey, with a total of 1920 pieces.

Naturally, all of that should have been taken with a grain of salt as far as leaks and rumours go, and even if the set was included in said survey there’s always the chance it doesn’t actually materialise into a purchasable product, but that hasn’t stopped LEGO and Nintendo from pretty much confirming its existence in fans’ eyes by going on the hunt for anyone sharing images or videos of the Zelda set.

Hey Zelda Universe and anyone else who covered the The Great Deku Tree lego set – take down your videos ASAP. LEGO ain’t messing around, even though we aren’t the sources. Also: By doing this, they just CONFIRMED IT’S REAL. So there you have it.”

Given we’ve had a multitude of LEGO Mario sets, the Question Block, NES console and The Mighty Bowser, it’s safe to say the LEGO and Nintendo partnership is going strong and so a Legend of Zelda set wouldn’t be out of the realm of believability.

Recently in other LEGO leaks, five new Sonic the Hedgehog sets were rumoured to be launching this year that will reportedly interconnect and feature more of a “play” aspect, similar to the current Mario sets.