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Monster Hunter Now Is A New Mobile Game From Pokémon Go Developer Niantic

And a closed beta is happening soon!

Capcom has just announced Monster Hunter Now, a new mobile Monster Hunter spin-off game in development with Niantic, the creators of the immensely-popular Pokémon Go.

Similar to Pokemon Go, Monster Hunter Now will focus on the idea of hunting monsters based on real-world location. Eurogamer was one of the outlets in attendance at a briefing prior to the public announcement, and say that the game has been in development for four years at Niantic’s Tokyo studio which also worked on Pikmin Bloom. The game will allow players to find monsters out in the real world and battle them using various weapons, upgrade their gear with resources, explore with their partner Palico and team up with up to four friends locally.

Based on the teaser trailer below, the visual presentation is a massive step up from a lot of Niantic’s previous titles, and it sounds like it’s implementing a lot of time-friendly features like battles that cap out at 75 seconds maximum, and a feature allowing players to mark a monster they see out and about to fight later, in their own time.

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A closed beta for Monster Hunter Now will be starting on April 25th for iOS and Android for up to 10,000 participants, and you can sign up for it right here. The full game is currently slated to launch in September 2023.

Monster Hunter Now, a real-world hunting action RPG, from Niantic & Capcom will be available September 2023. Can’t wait to encounter majestic monsters in the real world? Sign up for beta testing, starting April 25th!

Sign up now to stay up-to-date on Monster Hunter Now. The beta test starts from April 25th, and invited testers will be notified via email.

Closed beta test access will be limited to an estimated 10,000 participants. Though we will not be able to extend an invite to everyone, all registrants will directly receive the latest news and updates on the game.