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Call Of Duty Is Getting A Board Game Adaptation

Knives Only is how I play most board games anyway.

Call of Duty is the next video game to be getting an adaptation – but not the kind you’d expect. Rather than hitting the big or small screens, this one’s gunning straight for your tabletop.

Call of Duty: The Board Game has been announced in partnership between game makers Arcane Wonders and Activision, and as Variety reports it’s being billed as a “strategic tabletop roleplaying game” that hopes to capture the scope, stakes and intensity of the video game equivalent. It’ll feature iconic maps from the series along with artwork and miniatures of iconic series soldiers and weapons, as well as multiple scenarios and gameplay modes for players to get stuck into.

Although little has been shown of the game itself outside of box shots and a short teaser trailer, Arcane Wonders – who’ve dabbled in video game works before with the likes of Hello Neighbour – says it’s coming in 2024 with pre-orders opening up via a Kickstarter campaign this year.

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“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Activision to bring the ‘Call of Duty’ franchise to the tabletop,” Arcane Wonders CEO and designer Bryan Pope told Variety. “As lifelong COD fans, we’ve worked hard to capture the scope, stakes, and sheer intensity of the video games in ways that COD fans and board gamers new and old will love. We’re looking forward to bringing the unforgettable fun and competitive frenzy of COD to game night for years to come.”

Get ready for the ultimate Call of Duty tabletop experience! We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of “Call of Duty: The Board Game”, a thrilling new strategy game based on the popular video game franchise. With intense combat, tactical planning, and stunning artwork featuring miniatures of iconic soldiers and weapons from the series, this game is sure to satisfy any Call of Duty fan. Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter launch in late summer 2023 and be among the first to experience this epic board game!