shadows of the damned remastered

Shadows Of The Damned Is Getting A Remaster


Devolver Digital’s own Direct showcase today was as unhinged as usual, subjecting viewers to a video game-generating robotic reboot of a fake gaming icon, but one particular moment before the show had even started was especially exciting.

During the pre-show, longtime Devolver Direct cameo-maker, Suda51, appeared alongside Shadows of the Damned’s Garcia Hotspur, revealed that the excellent 2011 comedy survival horror from Grasshopper Manufacture and the legendary Shinji Mikami is getting a well-deserved remaster.

Not much else was given away as far as details around Shadows of the Damned Remastered, but it was also revealed that a dedicated Grasshopper Direct will be premiering on June 15th at 2PM AEST, so we’ll no doubt learn more then.

Take a look at the announcement video below: