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Square Enix Has Officially Pulled The Plug On Just Cause Mobile

Just 'cause you can doesn't always mean you should.

Square Enix has revealed that it’s cancelling development of Just Cause, the portable spin-off of its open world physics mayhem action series that was first announced at The Game Awards 2020.

The game was originally meant to launch in 2021 before being delayed into this year. In that time it became accessible to players in certain regions as an Early Access title, with that version of the game also being pulled from digital stores alongside the cancellation of its wider, full release.

“It is with great sadness that we are announcing the end of development for Just Cause Mobile,” said Anne-Lou Grosbois-Favreau, Square Enix’s global brand lead on the Just Cause franchise (via VGC).

“As of the 3rd of July 2023, the game will no longer appear on digital stores. It is never easy to put forth an announcement of this nature, especially to our fans who have been awaiting the release. We sincerely appreciate the support you have given us”.

Just Cause Mobile was set to be a free-to-play top-down action shooter featuring a story campaign, four-player co-op missions and up to 30-player competitive multiplayer modes. Players who purchased Blue Diamonds, the game’s paid currency, during the Early Access period have reportedly been refunded in full to their Google Play accounts.

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It’s not the end for Just Cause however, with Square Enix having confirmed in a 2022 investor briefing that a new game is in the works, and a movie is also on the way with German production company Constantin Film having acquired movie rights to the franchise. John Wick creator, Derek Kolstad, is reportedly on board to write the script for the Just Cause movie.

The last Just Cause game was Just Cause 4, which released almost five years ago. At the time, we scored the game a 6/10 in our review, saying “Just Cause is undoubtedly a fun series with a devoted following. When you embrace the chaos there can be a lot of fun to be had, but it’s when you look deeper at the nuts and bolts it isn’t a bustling sandbox you find. It’s more of a litter tray, full of waste. If you expect the finest the genre has to offer you’re bound for disappointment, though if you’re after more of bedlam Just Cause is famous for then this fourth iteration is what the doctor ordered.”