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Outbreak Is Zero Latency’s Newest Free-Roam VR Zombie Survival Experience And It’s Open Now


Zero Latency, the world’s biggest network of free-roam VR experiences that made its start right here in Melbourne, has just launched its latest experience and it’s an all-new and heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping, brain exploding zombie survival adventure called Outbreak.

Set to be Zero Latency’s most exciting, realistic and spooky experience yet, Outbreak gives up to eight players over 2000 square metres of game world to explore, infested with ultra-realistic zombies created using motion capture. You and your mates will be tasked with facing off against hordes of the undead across indoor and outdoor environments and even square off with an epic boss battle finale that the folks at Zero Latency reckon is “unlike anything seen before in VR.”

“Outbreak is our most epic adventure yet, and we can’t wait for everybody to play through this terrifying, exciting game that is unlike any other on the market,” said Zero Latency CEO, Tim Ruse, in a press release celebrating the launch. “Our dedicated development team has been hard at work on making Outbreak the most polished and thrilling experience possible. Building on our learnings from over 3 million games played across 7 experiences, we understand deeply what makes a great immersive adventure that treads the line between fear and exhilaration. We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved and feel like this game is going to really blow people’s socks off.”

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Check out a promo video for Outbreak below, and book a session at any of the 80+ locations around Australian and the world right here.

Get ready for Outbreak – the most thrilling and advanced free roam VR zombie adventure that we’ve ever made!

Race against time. Battle the undead. Save humanity’s last hope. In the heart-stopping free roam VR game Outbreak, you and your team of elite soldiers must survive hordes of zombies and outblast a ruthless enemy to recapture a stolen cure. Will you survive?