LEGO 2K GOOOAL! Has Leaked Again And This Time On The PlayStation Store


Update 10/11: It seems like 2K is having a real hard time keeping this one under wraps, with a full-on listing for LEGO 2K GOOOAL! having supposedly popped up on the PlayStation Store, complete with official artwork. It seems as though we may be getting an official reveal any day now.

No more new details have come from the listing, which has also since been removed, but you can see the art shared on X below:

Update 27/7: It looks like 2K is having a hard time keeping its secrets from slipping through those tiny, plastic goalie gloves, with even more leaks of its still-unannounced LEGO-based soccer/football title, LEGO 2K Goooal!

This time, it’s a pretty substantial slip from Amazon UK that’s seemingly dropped a release date and price for the game. The now-revised listing still shows the game’s title, but previously also featured a release date of September 15 and a price of £37.40 (around $70 AUD) for the PS5 version of the game [as reported by VGC].

If a release is definitely as close as the listing claimed, we’re sure to see an official announcement of the game finally pop up soon enough.

It looks like we’re on track to get another LEGO game from the folks at 2K, with the Korea ratings board publishing a listing for a game titled LEGO 2K Goooal!

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Presumably hinting at a LEGO-based soccer title, the listing corroborates a report from earlier in the year at VGC that claimed a LEGO 2K soccer game was in development at the UK-based Sumo Digital (Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Team Sonic Racing). At the time it was reported that the soccer/football title would be released prior to what was eventually revealed to be LEGO 2K Drive, which obviously hasn’t been the case, but the rest still checks out.

The listing as captured by Gematsu can be seen below:

lego 2k goal

The earlier reports also indicated that more LEGO sports titles are coming via 2K. I think we deserve LEGO wrestling next, yes?

2K’s first venture into the world of LEGO, LEGO 2K Drive, released in May and proved to be a great time, with our review giving it an 8.5/10 and saying, “LEGO 2K Drive is a wildly impressive triple threat of a great LEGO game, a great open-world adventure and a great racing game. Whether you want to challenge your friends in slick and exciting head-to-head races, tackle a hefty single-player campaign stuffed with varied and plentiful content, or just spend hours building your own LEGO vehicles by the brick, you’re absolutely covered here. A couple of issues aside, this is easily the best multiplatform arcade racer around.”