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Vampire Survivors Is Getting An Among Us Crossover DLC


Developer poncle dropped a huge announcement for the near future of Vampire Survivors this morning, revealing that the game is teaming up with the iconic Among Us for a huge crossover DLC launching on December 18th for Steam and Xbox.

Dubbed Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting, the DLC will introduce a brand-new stage inspired by Among Us, new weapons and power-ups and of course some new Crewmates along for the adventure.

The Emergency Meeting DLC will also be coming to mobile and Switch, but at a later and unannounced date.

An official FAQ was also posted on the poncle website with a heap more information on the DLC, which you can see below:

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting FAQ

What is Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting?

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting is our latest DLC featuring a brand new set of Crewmates, weapons, power-ups, and a stage inspired by the Impostor-hunting hit, Among Us!

So how does Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting work?

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting follows the footsteps of our first 2 DLCs. So you can expect classic Vampire Survivors gameplay with new weapons, characters, music, some surprises and new mechanics all wrapped up in Among Us inspired chaos. If you have played Among Us you will see a ton of references and elements from the game but you don’t need to know Among Us to dive into the DLC.

When will Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting launch?

December 18th on Steam and Xbox! Mobile and Nintendo Switch are coming soon.

What platforms will Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting come to?

Steam, Xbox, Mobile (both Android and iOS) and Nintendo Switch.

How much is the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC?

When entering licensing territory, all businesses, especially large ones, have different guidelines and conditions to follow in order to make a collaboration happen. This means that in most cases collab DLCs will be more expensive than normal.

We are also trying to be cheeky and find ways to make certain collabs to be available to everyone for free though, finger crossed we manage to get there!

What is in the DLC?

You’ll get 9 characters, 15 weapons, 1 Stage, 20 in-game unlocks, the ability to see the future, and an Adventure. One of those answers is an Impostor.

Can I play local co-op in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting?

You absolutely can! Get your friends, family, pets, enemies, and siblings a controller and hop into local co-op anytime you want. Some of the characters you’ll play as in the Emergency Meeting DLC may work together extremely well, some however may be a challenge to play with, but that’s all part of being co-operative, right?

Are there new achievements for the DLC?

No, there are no platform level achievements for Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting. There are in-game achievements to unlock (in the Unlocks menu like normal), but no Xbox/Steam achievements.

Any reason there’s no new achievements?

Yes, it’s problematic enough to have achievements in our own DLCs, but those we can easily discount often and do giveaways with, basically we’re in full control of them.

Collabs are different, there will be different business guidelines we’ll have to follow to make and publish them, which means there will always be a risk that some achievements might one day far into the future become impossible to obtain, or sit behind a price tag too steep to some players.

If there will ever be a way to separate DLC achievements from base-game achievements, then rest assured we will add separate achievement lists for every DLC, either collab or proprietary, but until then we prefer to play it safe and not risk to compromise anyone’s completion rate.

How does Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting work? Space?

No realm or plane of reality is off limits in the universe of Vampire Survivors, so for this one we’re off to the Polus Replica. How did the cast of Vampire Survivors get there? That’s not the question, but we can assure you the gravity is fine, nobody will float off, and the prefab structures are perfectly safe. We can’t make any promises to prevent sabotage or suspect goings on during gameplay, however.

How many weapons are in the DLC?

More than ever! 15 new weapons are in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting. 7 of these are base weapons to collect, 7 are evolutions and 1 is just for fun. The evolution method for the 7 base weapons in Emergency Meeting is different to our usual method, but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises!

How many characters are in the DLC?

9! 9 different variations of fan favorite beans from Among Us. Each with their own starting benefit or in some cases, hindrance.

One big map?

Correct! Polus Replica is the new map. Hand created with great detail inspired by the Among Us map, Polus. Make sure to keep an eye out for little secrets we may have added too. The map is split into biomes per our previous DLC’s, with each biome being home to specific sets of enemies and maybe even a few secrets.

Are there secrets in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting?


Will Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting come with a fresh Adventure?

It does!

Are there new music tracks for Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting?

Yes! Our composer has once again been in the sound kitchen cooking up some huge new songs for the Emergency Meeting DLC. There will be 6 new tracks to accompany your Impostor hunting adventure. These won’t be part of the Vampire Survivors OST, but we’re working to make them freely available to everyone instead.

How do I unlock the Emergency Meeting DLC in-game?

Once you’ve purchased Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting, simply select the Polus Replica map in the Stage selection and begin! Alternatively, jump into the “Emergency Meeting” Adventure to have a fresh experience (this Adventure unlocks automatically after playing the Dairy Plant stage once).

How did this DLC even come to be?

We’re friends with the wonderful Among Us developers, Innersloth, we had a little chat about the concept of doing a collaborative DLC, did a bunch of paperwork, then a bunch of development work, and the rest is history that you’ll be able to play soon.

Any Vampires in it?