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Manor Lords Is The Latest Runaway Success On PC With 1 Million Copies Sold In 24 Hours

Made by a solo developer!

We’ve already had a number of huge, virality-inducing surprise hits this year. Games like Balatro, Helldivers 2, Content Warning, Buckshot Roulette and Palworld have made a mark on the release calendar that’s outshone a lot of the usual heavy-hitter AAA fare. Now, a medieval strategy game from solo developer Greg Stycze? has quickly shot up the charts and moved 1 million copies in just its first 24 hours as an early access release.

That game is Manor Lords, and it’s one that’s been keenly-awaited by a huge number of strategy game fans for its promise to deliver in-depth city building, large scale tactical battles, complex economy and social simulation all in one title. It launched just a few short days ago on April 26th and, as claimed by its publisher Hooded Horse, managed to move a cool mil before the day was over. The game also hit a peak concurrent player count of 170,000 on Steam, which Hooded Horse says is the “highest ever for a city builder” or similar strategic genres.

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Manor Lords tasks players with the role of a medieval lord as they develop a humble village into a big and prosperous city, taking on all the growing responsibilities associated with that increase in scale, population, complexity and of course – danger. It’s designed with historical accuracy in mind, making it of particular interest to 14th century buffs, and genuinely just looks incredibly detailed and organic. Plus, you’ve got massive real-time tactical battles to look forward to where every person you lose in combat is a real citizen removed from your city.

Take a look at the launch trailer for Manor Lords below:

If what you’ve seen so far piques your interest, you can grab Manor Lords now in early access on Steam with an introductory launch discount of 25%, bringing it down to just $45. Or alternatively, it’s also available with PC Game Pass!