Thrasher Is The Next Game From The Creator Of Thumper


Today’s stacked The Game Awards event has brought with it plenty of accolades, updates, first looks and surprise reveals, awarding some of this year’s best and most exciting games and studios while setting up an exciting future to come.

One new announcement that came during the pre-show (after slipping out a touch early) is Thrasher, which is headed to PC, consoles and VR in 2024 and comes from the artist/composer of the incredible “rhythm violence” game, Thumper.

Check out the reveal trailer and more info on Thrasher below:

From the artist & composer behind the cult hit THUMPER comes THRASHER, a mind-melting cosmic racer and essential audiovisual experience. Use fast paced gestural controls to evolve your space eel from worm to megabeast in a breakneck race for survival that begins at the dawn of time.

Immerse yourself in a dazzling adventure across space, where music, visuals and gameplay mesh into one transcendent experience.

Use elegant gestural controls to swoop, dash and thrash across the void at breakneck speed, busting through obstacles and stacking up combos as you battle towards the next boss.

Lose yourself in the thumping soundtrack created by designer Brian Gibson, bassist for the band Lightning Bolt. Thrasher is a 3D audio showcase, combining spatial audio and haptics to create a stunning sensory experience.

Vibe out and enjoy the crazy journey, or push yourself to the limit by chaining together huge combos to worm your way up the rankings.