plants vs zombies 3

Plants Vs. Zombies 3: Welcome To Zomburbia Is Soft Launching In Australia Today


In a nice surprise, EA and PopCap Studios have revealed that the third mainline installment in the classic Plants vs. Zombies is soft-launching in select regions today on mobile devices – including Australia

The game, which was originally announced in 2019 as Plants vs. Zombies 3 but now carries the full title Plants vs. Zombies 3: Welcome To Zomburbia, has gone through a few iterations in testing in the years since but for fans of the classic PvZ games with their 2D graphics and familiar mechanics the good news is that it now looks incredibly faithful to those early games.

In terms of new ideas, PopCap says it’s paying homage to the gameplay that fans know and love while mixing in puzzle-adventure gameplay elements across a story-driven experience. Players will even be able to customise their own neighbourhood with items earned through gameplay. Through the soft launch in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands and the Philippines it hopes to continue to build upon the game with new features, lore and characters over time.

EA said about the game, “Plants vs. Zombies 3 is a story-driven experience that blends classic mutant plant vs. hilarious zombie battles players have known for years with a new, episodic narrative that allows players to be immersed in the wacky world of Neighborville, one neighborhood at a time. The soft launch period will allow EA and PopCap Studios to collect player feedback and improve the overall experience ahead of worldwide release. This would include new elements that streamline combat, allow players to create their own custom version of Neighborville, and expand the world of PvZ through new lore and characters.”

Take a look at the trailer for Plants Vs. Zombies 3: Welcome To Zomburbia below: