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Lady Gaga Is Coming To Fortnite This Week

Ooh lala.

The next big music star to make their way to Fortnite is none other than thirteen-time Grammy winner, Academy and Golden Globe award recipient, sixteen-time Guinness World Record holder and Songwriters Hall of Fame Contemporary Icon, Lady Gaga.

Much like The Weeknd’s debut in the game alongside the introduction of the new mode, Lady Gaga will be celebrated within Fortnite Festival, and assuming it’s much the same deal again will likely feature as a new skin along with a number of the artist’s songs available in-game.

The second season of Fortnite Festival launches on February 22nd (time zones permitting), which is when we’ll see Lady Gaga make her in-game debut.

Gaga made the announcement of her Fortnite inauguration via a post on X which amusingly quotes a post from 2019 in which the megastar asked “What’s fortnight?”


You’ll also be able to strum along with all of the music in Fortnite Festival with the exciting arrival of PDP’s Riffmaster guitar controller.

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This brand-new wireless guitar peripheral will be available for both the Xbox Series/Xbox One and the PS5/PS4, with a price and release date yet to be revealed. The Riffmaster will be compatible with Rock Band 4, which recently launched its final bit of DLC, as well as with Fortnite Festival – though that’ll depend on what comes first, the guitar controller or Harmonix’ update for the game that adds guitar controller support.

IGN went hands-on with the Riffmaster, noting that while it’s pretty much what you’d expect of a modern Rock Band controller there are some interesting differences. It features a foldable design rather than the guitar neck and head splitting apart, there are extra controls, an ambidextrous design and a 3.5mm audio jack. The battery life is also reportedly around 36 hours on a single charge. You can read IGN’s coverage right here.