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Pentiment Is Available Now On PS5 And Switch And A Limited Physical Release Is Coming

Some art to take home.

Pentiment, Obsidian’s previously-Microsoft exclusive historic narrative adventure, is now available on both PlayStation and Switch as part of the four Xbox first party titles recently announced to go multiplatform.

You can find the game on the PlayStation Store here, or the Nintendo Switch eShop here, with Pentiment going for a very decent $29.95 digitally.

Pentiment will soon be joined by Hi-Fi RUSH on PS5 on March 19th, followed by Grounded on both PlayStation and Switch on April 16th and finally Sea of Thieves on PS5 on April 30th.

It’s also been revealed that a physical copy of the game is coming via Limited Run Games, with pre-orders open now and only available for a limited time until March 24th. The physical release costs $34.99 USD (around $54 AUD) and will ship in early August, with shipping and taxes to Australia tacking on around another $20 AUD. Bethesda has already announced that Hi-Fi RUSH will also be getting the physical treatment courtesy of LRG at a later date.

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If you’re keen on owning a physical pressing of this excellent game, you can find it here.

We gave Pentiment a very healthy 9/10 in our review, with Brodie saying, “Although its subject matter might confound and could be too heady for the general audience, Pentiment is a role playing game that has been considered and laboured over to the nth degree. It’s a great reminder that some creatives just get it done, budget be damned. By God’s will, Pentiment is making a late charge for Game of the Year.”