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News On The Next Bravely Default Game Is Likely Coming This Year

"Bravely Default" also describes my wardrobe and personality.

Fans of the wonderful Bravely Default games who’ve been patiently awaiting another entry in the franchise might have some news to look forward to later in the year, with producer Tomoya Asano sharing a message for the third anniversary of the Switch and PC’s Bravely Default II that hints at exciting news on the way.

Asano’s message, accompanied by some gorgeous art from Rina Yoshiura, reads (rough machine translation by Google):

“Bravely Default 2 3rd anniversary celebration! Many messages will be sent during the year-end and New Year project, Thank you!

“I’m sure we’ll be able to tell you about some developments in the Bravely series this year, so please keep an eye out for it.”

Following the launch of Bravely Default II in 2021, Asano had told RPG Fan that a sequel made sense after the positive reception of the most recent game, saying “Bravely Default II was well-received by fans and as a result, we’re hoping to continue the series as we feel we can pull it off once again.”

At the time, the producer said planning was already underway and that development could take three or four years, which is a timeline that’s rapidly approaching. “We’re still in the planning phase, and I suspect development will take another 3-4 years,” Asano confirmed. “So we’d appreciate if fans could bear with us.”

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We gave 2021’s Bravely Default II a healthy 8.5/10 in our review, with James saying, “Bravely Default II is a fun sequel that does it’s best to improve on it’s predecessor. While the dungeon designs are simplistic and the side quests lack variety, it’s hard to ignore what Bravely Default II does well. A combination of great artistic and audio direction and an engaging battle and progression system make Bravely Default II stand out from the rest. Make no mistakes. It’s an earnest throwback to an often forgotten era of RPGs and a stellar modernisation of the classic Final Fantasy formula.”