McDonald’s Australia Is Getting A MultiVersus Collab Despite The Game Still Being Shut Down

The collaboration came to European stores earlier this year.

McDonald’s Australia is joining other regions in finally rolling out a range of MultiVersus toys in its Happy Meals (thanks BR0WNIE), despite the Warner Bros. Games-published platform fighter still not having relaunched after its open beta was shut down mid-last year – opening up the possibility that an announcement is impending.

The toys had already launched at McDonald’s stores in European countries without much fanfare or advertising, but are now being rolled out more widely in the coming month, including to the US and Canada, which may bode well for the return of MultiVersus as a fully-launched product.

When the open beta was shut down last year, the team at Player First Games said it planned to be back and better than ever with new content, features, modes and more when the game returns this year and will ensure that players’ progress and content from the open beta carry over.

Those with the game in their collection are still able to download and play it in an offline capacity, with all previously-locked content temporarily unlocked while the game is in shutdown. Once it returns, existing player inventories will be restored to what they were prior to the closure.

MultiVersus cardboard Happy Meal boxes and masks have been spotted in Canadian stores, while the Maccas Australia website seems to indicate the same collectible tins containing various puzzles and activity cards will be landing here.

Each tin features a pair of MultiVersus characters, with 12 in total which are listed below:

  • Batman/Finn
  • Batman/Shaggy
  • Shaggy/Iron Giant
  • Bugs Bunny/Wonder Woman
  • Harley Quinn/Tom & Jerry
  • Wonder Woman/Jake
  • Taz/Black Adam
  • Superman/Garnet
  • Velma/Tom & Jerry
  • Superman/Velma
  • Bugs Bunny/Steven Universe
  • Harley Quinn/Taz