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A Trailer For A Sonic The Hedgehog Game Inspired By Fall Guys Has Leaked Online

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SEGA seems to be gearing up to launch a near-shameless take on the Fall Guys formula, based on its iconic Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, with a new mobile title dubbed Sonic Toys Party, thanks to the leak of a trailer for the game that’s currently doing the rounds online.

The trailer shows a lobby of 32 players jumping into a series of platforming-racing rounds in a process of elimination, much the same as what you’d expect from Mediatonic’s once-viral multiplayer phenomenon, though with some very recognisable Sonic the Hedgehog spins.

It’s an interesting “trailer” and one that’s somewhat hard to take as fact given how blatant some elements are in their imitation, including a weirdly Toy Story-esque logo, sounds from Sonic ’06 and even fan renders included. According to frequent leaker “Midori” on X, the video actually comes from an almost-year-old development build though, so this would appear to be a mock trailer full of unfinished elements and so the final thing might not keep the more eyebrow-raising elements.

Fan site Sonic Stadium has offered more details around this supposed upcoming release, including that Sonic Toys Party is meant to be a “pillar” mobile title that SEGA can use to experiment with mobile game concepts and could launch around the middle of the year in June or July.

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It also claims that collaborations with SEGA and third party franchises are planned, including with the likes of Saint Seiya and Persona. Cosmetics will be a major focus in the game, with players able to equip things like hats, masks and companion Chaos, the latter of which will supposedly offer added bonuses for players in stages.