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Hi-Fi Rush Has Been Rated For Switch In Europe

No rushin'

When the rumour pot was still being stirred over the then-unannounced port of Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi RUSH to PS5, Sony wasn’t poised to be the only beneficiary of Microsoft’s gesture of multiplatform rhythm action gaming.

At the time, the Nintendo Switch was though to be a target console for the game as well, no less because dataminers unearthed what looked to be a Switch-exclusive in-game t-shirt design amongst the ones for PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. When we finally got the word from Microsoft that a number of games were headed to PlayStation, Switch or a combination of both though – it was curiously only the PS5 that saw a Nintendo port.

Now, it looks more evidence of a Switch edition of Hi-Fi RUSH has been unearthed with the discovery (thanks Gematsu) that it’s received a PEGI (Pan European Game Information) rating. What’s curious is that it seems as though it could have been given its rating decision in Europe at the same time as the PS5 version, as both ratings were published today.

It’s an odd situation, with plenty of evidence that a Switch port was at least in the works at some point. Though it’s also widely believed that Hi-Fi RUSH was originally intended to be a multiplatform release, those t-shirt designs came along in a very recent update to the game.

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It could be that quality wasn’t yet up to scratch when Microsoft decided it needed to react to those swirling multiplatform rumours, especially given the game relies heavily on rhythm and timing and the underpowered hybrid handheld isn’t know for silky-smooth performance. At any rate, this rating news could mean absolutely nothing or it could be an indicator that there’s still hope for Hi-Fi RUSH on the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the PS5 launch trailer for the game below: