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Bloodborne Kart Is Now Nightmare Kart And It’s Launching For Free Next Month

Now "Legally distinct."

Bloodborne Kart, the incredible-looking fan project that transposes the world and iconic characters of FromSoftware’s 2015 PS4 hit Bloodborne to a PS1-style kart/combat racer, was originally slated to release in full way back on January 31st, but hit a pretty big snag when Sony decided to come down on the branding at the final stretch.

Fast forward to some months later and creator Lilith Walther is back to re-reveal the game as “Nightmare Kart,” which she assures in the announcement post on X is now “legally distinct,” hopefully meaning no more delays. The obvious stuff like the title has been changed, as well as a few recognisable elements of character design, but Bloodborne fans will certainly still feel well-served based on the short new teaser presented.

Nightmare Kart’s release date has also been set, with the game launching on May 31st for free on Steam and, complete with 20 racers, 16 maps, VS Battle races and a full campaign mode that even has its own boss fights.

You can also check out the new reveal trailer for Nightmare Kart below. You can also download and play Walther’s neat demake project, BloodbornePSX, from her page right here.