Here’s Our First Look At The 20th Anniversary Pokemon Movie

The trailer for the 20th Pokemon movie “I Choose You” has just released and it’s hitting that nostalgia pretty hard!

From what we gather, it’s a retelling of the first episode, where Ash meets Pikachu right at the start of his Pokemon journey.

As you’ll remember, the two had a shocking first impression, but after saving Pikachu from a flock of angry Spearow, the two became inseparable.

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In the trailer, we see Ash and Pikachu fatefully encounter the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, but unlike the first episode of the Anime, Ho-Oh drops a Rainbow Wing. This might just be an extra add on to the story for the movie, but it’s interesting to see what other details about the beginning they’ll include for us.

What’s your favourite Pokemon movie to date?