Colourful Images For The Mario + Rabbids Nintendo Switch Game Have Leaked

It’s been rumoured for months, with little bits of information trickling out but we now have rock solid confirmation that Ubisoft and Nintendo are due to collaborate on a Mario and Rabbids crossover game.

It’s due for release in August/September and it’s called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and it’s an action game mixed with exploration. In-fact, we now know that the game is apparently made up of about 65% of combat and 35% of exploration. It’ll have RPG elements mixed with turn-based combat, not unlike the Mario and Luigi series.

It’s said that there will be four main areas in the game which are twisted takes on Mario worlds. It’s said that the game will take roughly 20 hours to complete.

You’ll be able to play with a friend in co-op action and play as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Peach which are all in the below images alongside Rabbids wearing their respective character costumes.

It’s almost certain that we’ll see the game revealed at E3. I’d be betting on it showing up first at Ubisoft’s conference and then highlighted in Nintendo’s E3 spotlight. It’s looking weird, but I’m also really excited to play it.





Source: Nintendo World Report