Rabbid Peach Has An Instagram Account And It’s Terrifying

Since the Rabbid x Mario collaboration leaked months ago, gamers have been absolutely horrified by the brilliance that is Rabbid Peach. Well, Ubisoft have absolutely taken it in their stride, rebranding the entire Rabbid Instagram account and dedicating it to Rabbid Peach.

You can find everything from bath time photos, to selfies to shameless self-promotion of the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

It’s definitely worth a look (and maybe even a cheeky follow). We’ve put some great examples below, but you can find the account HERE.

This angle fits me pretty well, right? #naturalbeauty #sleepingbeauty #beautybeauty #mariorabbids #rabbidpeach

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Before the photoshoot… #nostress #excited #rabbidpeach #mariorabbids

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