The Wonderful 101 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch (And Maybe PS4/PC) After Being Kickstarted In 15 Minutes

The rumours were true.

The Wonderful 101 is officially coming to Nintendo Switch after being Kickstarted in less than 15 minutes. The game will come to Switch in both a physical and digital capacity in April 2020.

You can Kickstart the game HERE. It’ll set you back about $50 AUD to get a digital code for the game when it releases in a few months. 

The goal of the Kickstarter was $74,000 AUD and it’s already at 322,000 AUD in less than an hour. For it to come to PC, it has to reach $250,000 (which it has already passed) and has to reach $500,000 for it to come to PlayStation 4 (which it should reach in a mere matter of minutes.

You can back the game to get a number of rewards including being blocked on Twitter by Kamiya himself as well as a number of The Wonderful 101 merch including keychains, soundtracks, T-Shirt and a digital comic.

The Wonderful 101 originally reached on Nintendo Wii U to disappointing sales numbers. It had a small audience of hardcore fans and this will hopefully increase after the release of the game on Switch,