AFL Evolution 2 Nintendo Switch

AFL Evolution 2 Gameplay On Nintendo Switch Looks Every Bit As Bad As You’d Expect

AFL Evolution 2 dropped almost a month early today on Nintendo Switch (as first reported by Vooks here). The site has now delivered 25 minutes of gameplay footage, and it’s definitely not great.

First of all, the game takes closer to two minutes to load into a game once you’ve selected all your options (compared to about 30 seconds on PS4/Xbox One). It’s clear just by watching the footage that the graphics are well below what they are on the other consoles. Grass looks blocky, the crowd look wooden and players look a lot less like themselves than they do on the other consoles.


Performance was always going be worse on Switch, but it’s definitely taken a hit here too. The frame rate looks terrible and we’re told that it’s even worse when playing in handheld mode (this footage was captured in docked mode).

Switch copies of the game haven’t hit stores as of yet, so you’ll need to fork out $80 on the Nintendo eShop if you’re wanting to play the Switch version.

We gave the Xbox One version of the game a 6.5/10 and said: Like Evolution before it, AFL Evolution 2 is the best of the footy games. Of course, the bar isn’t a high one, though it’s fortunate in a way that it’s the core gameplay experience that does the heavy lifting. Modes can be fixed, patched and reworked with less work, so knowing that the foundation is rock-solid is a bonus for Wicked Witch as they’ll no doubt return time and again in pursuit of the holy grail.