Pokemon Johto

Another Pokemon Game Is Getting Announced Next Week And It’s Almost Certainly Pokemon: Let’s Go Johto

If three new Pokemon games (including Pokemon Snap) and a brand new piece of DLC wasn’t enough for you, The Pokemon Company closed its Pokemon Presents presentation with the announcement that another Pokemon Presents presentation will be happening on June 24th focusing on a larger title.

Some eager eyed Pokemon fans quickly spotted a pattern with Pokemon appearing in the presentation. Almost all of the Pokemon were from Gold/Silver, but in particular, it was the three Pokemon in front of the Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee box. You can clearly see that Umbreon and Espeon (both from Pokemon Gold/Silver) are sitting in front.

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The Legendary Pokemon, Lugia/Ho-Oh can also be seen with the starters also appearing directly behind him in the presentation.

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