Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Players Are Creating Weird Things Out Of Fireworks

A recent update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch introduced a weekly fireworks show in part 2 of the game’s ongoing Summer content rollout. The fireworks show happens on Sunday night and villagers can view the spectacular display from their town plaza each week.

There’s a default option that appears pretty much as you would expect with colours bursting in the sky but there’s also a custom option that allows players to upload their very own custom patterns, leading to some pretty predictably funny and surprisingly creative outcomes.

This user opted to pay homage to their favourite website in their fireworks display and another user to their favourite (arguably outdated) meme.

In what we decided was the best display of artistry in its category (and yes, there are enough competitors in Animal Crossing penis themed fireworks to warrant a best in show), this user opted for just one design pattern and one colour but used effective timing to really give their show some flare.

Of course, genitalia and memes are not all that the world of Animal Crossing fireworks displays have to offer and among the obscenities are some really impressive patterns like this Splatoon themed display.

Or these housemates who turned their pet cat into a firework pattern on Sunday evening.

While some players have decided that the Sunday evening fireworks show is a weird and kind of necessary addition, we think it’s pretty fun and we’re looking forward to seeing what else the community comes up with in the future…as long as it’s not just more dicks (which I’m almost certain that it probably will be).