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A Nintendo Switch Compatible Pikachu Photo Printer Is Coming Just In Time For Pokemon Snap

UPDATE: These are now available to pre-order in Australia.

Instax Fujifilm has announced a special photo printer that will be compatible directly with your Nintendo Switch via an iPhone app. To celebrate the launch of New Pokemon Snap, it will release alongside a Pikachu silicon cover (just in case it wasn’t cute enough).

It will released here in Mid May and set you back $199 for the printer as well as Pikachu case. There’s examples of the printer being used with Pokemon Snap, Animal Crossing and Super Mario, but it’s presumed you’d be able to use it with any Nintendo Switch screenshots. Highly recommend looking at the website to check out examples of it being used (or by watching the video below).

There’s currently no way to order it but we’ll let you know when that changes. Honestly, this brings back huge memories of the Gameboy printer. I used to use that all the time and remember having to order paper directly from Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Photo Printer Nintendo Switch Photo Printer

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