Pokemon McDonalds

The Pokemon 25th Anniversary McDonalds Happy Meal Packs Are Hitting Australia This Week

UPDATE: It’s now been confirmed that Australia is getting the Pokémon 25th anniversary happy meals starting on Thursday September 9th. These will last in store until October 20th

Each customer will be limited to two packs and you’ll be able to buy packs separately for $2 each. There will be 50 cards to collect (25 standard and 25 holo).

ORIGINAL STORY: They hit American McDonalds stores nearly six months ago, but it seems as though the Pokemon 25th Anniversary McDonalds Happy Meal card packs are finally set to hit Australia.

The McDonalds website updated earlier today mentioning that the Pokemon card packs will be the next item to hit Happy Meals. We’ve reached out to McDonalds to see exactly when they’ll be hitting stores but sometime in August seems likely, given they’re the next toy in line.

Pokemon McDOnalds

Just as a reminder, all 50 of the cards contain a starter Pokemon across generations, with each pack containing four cards. There’s 25 regular cards and 25 holographic cards. Each pack also includes some kind of activity (such as stickers or Pokemon card holders).

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In America, you were also able to purchase these packs separately, but it’s unclear if that will be the case in Australia. A Happy Meal currently sets you back $5.50, so if they’re not available separately, that’s what you can expect to pay.

Thanks to Card King, Goosenstuffs for the heads-up. You can follow him HERE.