Pokemon Legends Arceus

Here’s 13 Minutes Of New Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gameplay Footage

We hadn’t seen much Pokemon Legends: Arceus gameplay footage before today, outside of a few sizzle reels, but Nintendo has posted 13 minutes of gameplay footage from the game.

The gameplay footage shows off a bunch of open exploration, with a number of different biomes shown off. We get to see what catching Pokemon in the wild looks like, and we get to see what battles look like. It’s pretty cool to see some Pokemon literally attacking you in the wild. As we’ve seen in previous footage, we get to see what traversal looks like utilising a number of Pokemon.

We get to see quite a bit of what crafting looks like, which includes the likes of lures and healing potions. One of the more telling things that this is a bigger scoped Pokemon game, is the fact that we now have missions and requests.

I have to say, outside of the fact that the graphics would undoubtedly be better on a Switch Pro, the art style does look really nice, and when I thought about what Pokemon games could be as a child, this is pretty damn close. This is likely the last look that we’ll get of the game before launch, so it’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus launches on January 28th. The cheapest copy is currently $68 on Amazon.