Pokemon Legends: Arceus Twitch Streams Have Started Appearing As The First Previews Roll In

Pokemon Legends: Arceus doesn’t launch until Friday, and we’ve known that copies have been out in the wild for roughly a week now, but it seems as though the flood gates are well and truly open.

As of right now, there’s more than 30 gamers streaming the game on Twitch for over 1,000 viewers with Twitch seemingly not doing a whole lot to take these down. I just spent roughly 30 minutes watching a stream with no interruptions whatsoever. You can find the streams HERE (or not if you’re waiting to play the game for yourself).

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Over the weekend, the first previews dropped for the game for as well with Japanese outlets getting hands on. Our thoughts are coming in our review later this week, but so far, you can find some impressions below:

Famitsu had the below to say: “The first thing that impressed me when I started playing was the exhilarating feeling of moving around freely in the vast field…“It feels great just to be able to fly freely in the sky, but it’s especially fun to look for Pokémon that look small below you,”


Game Watch were also super positive of the game. In regards to the battle system, the outlet said “This system, which successfully combines the action of this title with traditional Pokémon battles, is highly accomplished, and I especially appreciate the fact that Pokémon battles are ‘a means to a different end’, which fits the worldview of the game”

The outlet went on to say: “What was particularly impressive in this experience was the construction of the world. I was impressed by the way the same old Pokémon battles were blended into the new and innovative action without any sense of discomfort. It’s a game experience like no other in the series, and I have high hopes for it as a completely new form of Pokémon game”

4Gamer said “There are many new elements in this game, such as the vast world and action, but the game is not difficult to play, and I was impressed by the fact that the best parts of Pokémon, such as completing the Pokédex and enjoying battles, are still included… I also felt that the game portrayed a Pokémon-inhabited world more realistically, as you can throw a Pokéball and start a battle seamlessly, or you can devise ways to catch Pokémon without battling.”

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