Pokemon Scarlet Violet New Trailer

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Are Getting An Update In February

The latest Pokemon games are evolving!

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are set to receive their next big update in February with Ver. 1.2.0.

Buried at the bottom of a press release celebrating 1008 total Pokemon in existence as of the new titles, the announcement from The Pokemon Company and Game Freak simply says that the update will arrive in late February and will “include bug fixes and add functionality.”

Current speculation from those that follow the franchise closely is that this added functionality may include support for Pokemon Home, given that the mobile app will also be receiving an update around the same time. February 27th is Pokemon Day, so it would somewhat make sense to celebrate by giving players the ability to transfer Pokemon from the other games to Scarlet and Violet.

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The newest mainline entries have been subject to a fair share of criticism since they launched on November 18th last year, mostly due to a large number of bugs and uneven visuals that performed poorly even by Nintendo Switch standards. Fans will no doubt be hopeful that this Ver 1.2.0 update will begin to smooth some of these issues out.

We gave the games a 7.5/10 in our review, saying “Whilst there’s still stumbling missteps as Game Freak try to find their footing in the future of Pokémon, Scarlet and Violet is an endearing, and enjoyable attempt at a fundamentally different Pokémon experience. New ideas, some quality of life improvements, and some excellent new Pokémon designs make the trip to Paldea worthwhile.”