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Pokémon Sleep Is Out Now In Australia For iPhone And Android

You snooze, you... win?

The Pokémon Company has finally started to roll out the official, full launch of its Pokémon-themed sleep health app, Pokémon Sleep, which will assist users in tracking their sleeping habits while helping a sleepy Snorlax get bigger and meeting new Pokémon along the way to fill out a Pokédex (including some good ol’ fashioned shiny hunting).

Folks in Australia can download the app on the App Store for iPhone here as well as the Google Play Store here, and if you’re keen to maximise your use of the app the new Pokémon Plus+ device is available here right now for $79.95, allowing users to sync up with the external device and use their sleep data across Pokémon GO as well as having an adorable Pikachu voice to prompt them when its time to sleep or wake up.

The Pokémon Company also recently released an explainer video on how Pokémon Sleep works, including which information you can access about your “sleep styles” as adorably represented by different sleeping Pokémon on top of more detailed breakdowns of the quality of your rest. You can watch the How To Play Pokémon Sleep video just below:

From the App Store description:

Collect Pokémon Through Sleeping!

In the world of Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon with the same sleep type as you will gather around as you catch some Zs, so discover all the various different sleep styles that Pokémon can have as you aim to complete your Sleep Style Dex!

When Night Falls…

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It’s time to track your sleep! All you need to do is place your smart device by your pillow (don’t place your device under your pillow or blankets as it may overheat), then call it a night.

A New Day Dawns

By the time you wake, Pokémon will have gathered in Pokémon Sleep based on your sleep type and how long you slept for. Carry out research on these Pokémon’s sleep styles to complete your Sleep Style Dex!

And the Rest of the Day…

Raise Snorlax big and strong! Snorlax will grow larger by receiving Berries from the Pokémon you befriend. The more you raise Snorlax, the greater your odds will be of encountering Pokémon with rare sleep styles!

Rest Your Very Best!

Check Your Sleep Report

What kind of sleep did you get last night? Your sleep report contains tidbits like how long you took to fall asleep, how long you spent in different sleep stages, and whether you snored or talked in your sleep.

Get Support to try to Sleep Your Best

You can have Pokémon at your side even when you sleep! With features like Pokémon-inspired music to relax you into sleep, plus smart alarms that wake you when you’re in a shallow stage of sleep, Pokémon Sleep may help you to rest your very best.

The Pokémon Go Plus+ is available now and you can grab it for $79 on Amazon with free shipping.