Pikmin Finder Is A New Free AR Game You Can Play In Your Browser Right Now

Yahaha! ...wrong game.

Nintendo recently held a huge Nintendo Live event over in Seattle, a huge physical activation where it featured Nintendo game-inspired activities across a large-scale themed area, including demos, tournaments, photo ops and more.

One of the activities it had ready for show-goers at Nintendo Live was a browser-based, AR game called Pikmin Finder, which tasked folks with finding Pikmin in their real-world environment through the use of their device camera and augmented reality and then sending their new little buds to seek out a series of treasures. It’s incredibly simple, owing to its intended use as a fun diversion at a big expo, but given it’s playable through any web browser you can actually try it out for yourself with our own mobile or tablet.

You don’t even need to locate the QR code that Nintendo had up at the event, just head straight to this page from your mobile or tablet with a camera and get Pikmin hunting! You can even take photos of the lil’ guys in your natural habitat, though results may vary depending on your photography skills and the quality of your phone camera… like mine:

For a proper Pikmin fix, there is of course the recently-released brand new mainline entry, Pikmin 4. We gave it a healthy 8.5 in our review, saying “Pikmin 4 brings together engaging cave exploration and a charming world to explore to offer up the most complete Pikmin experience so far. While the multiplayer offerings feel like a step back from Pikmin 3 and the game is too easy to begin with, Pikmin 4 more than makes up for these shortcomings with its adorable canine companion, vast sandboxes and gripping strategic combat.”