Nintendo Direct September 2022

Rumours Of A Nintendo Direct Happening Soon Are Heating Up

A less than F-Zero chance.

Despite “A Nintendo Direct in September” basically being a free space on the bingo board of yearly video game industry predictions, the internet is still firing up over ongoing rumours of a proper, major Direct going to air in the near future.

While the majority of speculation is incredibly loose at this stage, one prediction has caught the attention of Nintendo fans more than others. It comes from X user “Pyoro,” which already lends it some degree of credence thanks to their accurate early leaks of a number of Nintendo reveals including Super Mario Bros. Wonder – which also just had its own Nintendo Direct presentation – the Super Mario RPG remake and even Everybody 1-2 Switch.

The post in question from Pyoro simply says, “Let’s just say fans of a certain MATLAB function will be happy with the upcoming Direct,” which internet sleuths have taken to be a strained reference to a particular function within MATLAB (a programming and numeric computing platform). That function? fzero

Of course, Nintendo hasn’t formally announced any kind of Direct presentation for September, let alone given any indication that a new F-Zero game (or port/re-release/remaster of an old one) could be on the horizon, so don’t pin  your hopes and dreams on any of this just yet, but we’ll definitely have our eyes peeled for any official announcements over the coming days and weeks.