Nintendo Switch OLED

The Switch 2 Could Launch In March 2025 According To New Claims

To avoid stock shortages and ensure a strong launch line-up.

After reports just over a week ago that Nintendo had delayed the successor to its incredibly-popular Switch console internally from a 2024 target to early 2025, more claims have surfaced that narrow this release window down to a “March 2025” time frame.

That’s according to an article from Nikkei (here, but paywalled and in Japanese), a major financial publication, which says that the console will launch in March next year in order to ensure Nintendo has enough initial stock of the device and can prevent reselling activity, as well as ensure that it has a strong software line-up on release – a similar notion to what we’d already heard from other outlets and sources.

Elsewhere in Nikkei’s report, it’s also mostly a lot of what’s been circulated before – that the new console will be a hybrid portable similar to the current Switch, that it’ll have a larger screen and that it’ll be capable of playing higher-end games.

Nikkei’s report does also mention that the console could launch after March 2025 depending on circumstances around hardware and its higher-profile launch titles, so there’s every chance that the publication doesn’t have any new or concrete information and is just regurgitating the same rumours that are already out there.

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Either way, it seems more and more concrete that we won’t see a new Switch/Nintendo console this year, but there’s still plenty of Nintendo big-hitters to look forward to on the current one.

We just saw the release of Mario vs. Donkey Kong (which we enjoyed in our review here) and later this month will see the launch of the brand-new Princess Peach: Showtime! There are also the releases of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD as well as Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door to come at some point in the year, that we know of so far.