The HTC Vive Pro And Wireless Adapter Are Set To Change VR

HTC has overnight announced the VIVE Pro and VIVE Wireless Adapter.

The HTC VIVE Pro is a brand new device that is set to improve the resolution, has an integrated audio speaker, is lighter, has dual microphones and front facing cameras.

  • higher resolution (2880 x 1600), a 78% increase
  • integrated audio speaker (3D audio), with build in amplifier
  • lighter weight, enhanced ergonomics and comfort
  • dual microphones with active noise cancellation
  • dual front facing cameras to ’empower developer creativity’
  • also HMD only upgrade option (for current Vive owners who just want HMD upgrade)
  • compatible with up to 4 lighthouse base stations (also compatible with current 1.0 and future 2.0 version)
  • the Audio strap on Vive Pro is different from current Deluxe Audio Strap
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The HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter will allow both the original HTC VIVE and HTC VIVE Pro to go wireless.

  • Summer launch (Q3)
  • Compatible with both Vive & Vive Pro
  • Intel’s WiGig Technology
  • 60Ghz band
  • handheld sized

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