Check Out One Of Friday The 13th’s Brutal Single-Player Challenges

Though it was a whole heap of fun, Friday the 13th lacked single-player content which made it hard to appeal to everybody. The team behind the game has taken a lot of steps to expanding the game’s offline play, namely the inclusion of offline bots among other things.

The team revealed on Twitter one of the brutal, bite-sized single-player challenges that are coming to the game free of charge.

The demo showcases Jason hunting down two down-on-their-luck teens, Bugsy and Adam, while they try to get their broken down car up and running. Beyond showing it off, the trailer doesn’t exactly elaborate on what the mode is, but the team does hope to add unlockable targets and new maps.

It’s hard to argue with the price and if it adds a little bit of solo content to what is a pretty entertaining slay ’em up, then all the better.

There’s no current release date for the single-player challenges.

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