The Winners Of Our Friday The 13th Competition

Thanks to Five Star Games, we had six physical copies of Friday, The 13th on PS4 and Xbox One (three on each).

We asked which horror movie character you’d bring into Friday The 13th and you guy didn’t disappoint. There were so many entries and such a wide variety of horror characters to choose from.

The winners are: 

  • Kaidhn S – Ghost Face from Scream, because he doesn’t get enough love, and you never knew where he was coming from in the movies.
  • Jessica M – Jigsaw! Bring some games into the game!
  • Reece R – That demon girl from the grudge! Damn that would send shivers down anyones spine knowing shes hunting you. Oh and lets hope she left her creepy little cat sounding brother at home!
  • Darren S – Would have to be Freddy Krueger. He would come into play the same as Tommy, just randomly selected between the two.
  • Alex M – I would bring Pennywise The Dancing Clown from the movie \IT\” into Friday The 13th so that he can take the fears of the players, use them to his advantage and score players and make the game more of an enjoyable and suspenseful experience
  • Nicole F – Leatherface with his chainsaw full of petrol, trimming limbs from councillors and chopping trees and cabins to make it harder for anyone to escape

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